The Ultimate “Bring Back the Guests” Checklist for Hotels

Before you start welcoming your guests back, have you thought about the condition of your hotel?

Many Hotels have been closed for weeks (or partially closed), leaving you with quite a to-do list. To help, we have created this handy checklist that covers important and often forgotten items.

  • Check for mould & moisture
  • Check for pest control
  • Check heating and air conditioning (filters). Let the HVAC system circulate air
  • Check water systems – (toilets, sinks, drains, disposals, drinking fountains, water coolers)
  • Are there hard water stains in your restrooms/toilets, carpet and upholstery
  • Check food and chemical expiration dates
  • Is the building clean? Floors swept, spider-webs and dust removed
  • Has the building been disinfected? Ensure that all high-touch areas are cleaned and disinfected
  • Are breakrooms cleaned and disinfected (microwaves, kettles, urns, appliances)
  • Check lighting
  • Check PMS and Booking systems are working properly
  • Restock all bathrooms
  • Check your fire and security alarm systems (battery back-up systems)
  • Check your fire exit lights, extinguishers and smoke detectors
  • Restock linen and supply closets
  • Will your employees feel safe?
  • Will your guests feel safe?



  • Are your cleaning staff accredited in Infection Prevention and Control?
  • Do you highlight your commitment to a Hygienic Environment for your guests both online and at the property?
  • Does your Housekeeping Team have the correct chemicals and procedures in place to prevent cross contamination?
  • Does your Housekeeping Team have a plan for continuous disinfecting services?

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