Pandemic and Deep Clean Services


The COVID-19 Pandemic has caused a huge amount of devastation, instability and uncertainty in the Hotel Industry. The good news is, JKAH can help your property recover, and your guests will come back feeling safe and secure in knowing that your property is clean.


JKAH is a unique company in a position to be able to extend services to all Hotels that are above that of standard Housekeeping.We specialise in Deep Cleaning and are certified for Pandemic Cleaning for the COVID-19 Virus – ensuring that your property is clean and ready for guests to return with comfort and security.


A Pandemic Clean is a fast and effective way to remove virus and harmful bacteria, and guarantee absolute safety for your guests.
We use specifically designed chemicals that leave no residue, are non corrosive and that are 99.9% bio-degradable within minutes, breaking down into ions of air and water.
The system we use is an automated system treating room size/volume treatment areas from 10 to 1000m3 with a single device, achieving a 6-log kill reduction (99.9999% kill rate) against multiple pathogens, including COVID-19 (Coronavirus).

  • Target a specific room, a floor/wing or the entire hotel
  • Certification given at the completion of the service


Most hotels will under-go some sort of “Deep Clean”, sometimes known as a “Spring Clean” once a year as part of a periodic cleaning schedule with their housekeeping departments. When a hotel room has been left vacant for a period of time, dust and dirt (and germs) gather in all areas of the room and a regular “departure” level clean won’t suffice.
In the unique circumstances that hotels find themselves in now during the COVID-19 Pandemic, hotels are running at low occupancy, or sadly have temporarily closed, and a ‘Deep Clean’ is essential prior to re-opening these rooms up to your valued guests.

JKAH can offer this service as a short-term contract to get you back on track for when your guests start arriving.
This contract can be 100% customised to your needs and requirements – as many rooms as you need, and we can deep clean your public areas too.


We can not wait to see happy and healthy guests streaming through hotel doors again – how about you?

The thing is this; the COVID-19 Pandemic will have changed our guests and everyone will be forever thinking about cleanliness and their health. It is so important that guests come to stay in your hotel, and worrying about cleanliness should be the furthest thing from their minds – you want them relaxed, at ease and enjoying everything your property has to offer.

At JKAH, we have specifically designed some stationary and collateral that we can place around the hotel and in the rooms so the guests know that we have used specific products to ensure their room and public spaces have been sanitised to an extremely high standard.

The result? Happy, healthy and relaxed guests. What could be better?


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